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Dealing with the Codes: The LLY FE9 trucks can simply ignore them as there is generally no SES light or corrective action taken, only DTC’s store in the computer. The LBZ will set the same DTC’s, and will also typically set the annoying SES light. There are several ways to deal with the codes associated with the EGR system. Fault Code: Description: FMI Codes: MID 128 PID 26: Engine Fan Speed Percent: 3,8: MID 128 PID 27: EGR Valve #1 Position Sensor: 3,4,5: MID 128 PID 45: Preheater Relay Status

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Upgrade your diesel engine for more power, reliability, and longevity with aftermarket diesel parts like head studs, cam shafts and head gaskets. Accessories Accessories Customize your truck your way with diesel accessories like hitches, lights, floor mats, bed covers, running boards, lifts and bumpers at Parley’s Diesel Performance.
To match your application exactly, we will need the 4 letter code off of your stock chip, such as BMRL or BXRF to name a few. NOT off the ECM, but the chip itself. Also year of truck, model, 8th digit of the VIN code and std or auto, tranny. If a 94, we will need to know your injection pump model from the tag on the pump. fe130 diesel; fe160 diesel; fe160 crew cab diesel; fe180 diesel; fe140 gas; fe160 gas; fe160 crew cab gas; fe180 gas; ecanter all-electric

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Fuel Type Biodiesel (5000) Diesel (3925)
Aug 03, 2020 · In a diesel truck, the fuel and air must get hot enough to create combustion, which then creates the spark to start the engine. Because heat is necessary to start a diesel truck, the process for starting it is different than starting a gas engine. Follow these steps to start a diesel truck. Ryder Truck Rental. Whether you rent in person, online or over the phone, Ryder has the truck you need, when and where you need it. Choose from thousands of trucks, tractors, trailers and vans and get the service, savings and simplicity you deserve, all backed by our Commercial Rental Guarantee.

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The Classic White Truck Group. Last visit was: Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:08 am. It is currently Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:08 am
HD Code II Heavy, Medium & Light Truck Code Reader w/ DPF Regen Covers Class 4-8 Diesel & Gas trucks. Reads/Clears, Engine, Transmission & ABS Brake codes & displays streaming data. Item # HDCODEII: $399.00 $359.95 ComfortPro® diesel auxiliary power units (APUs) from Carrier Transicold are the trucking industry’s all-around performance leaders. No other APU offers the combination of air conditioning, heating, cab power, engine warming, truck battery charging, optional shore power connectivity and a 2,000-hour maintenance service interval found in the ComfortPro diesel units.

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We make it easy to buy tires online. Our price includes FREE shipping to the local Service Provider you choose. Find the right tire at
P0094 or P1094 show a slight difference but enough to throw a code. P0093 or P1093 mean there is a large difference between the desired and actual rail pressures. P0087 is just another symptom of the other codes. Usually the p0087 is caused on LLY-LMM trucks by a weak FPRV and can be shimmed for cheap. On the LB7 it's not the FPRV, it's ... Aug 02, 2013 · Posts: 5,862 Likes Received: 942 Joined: Jun 29, 2010 Location: Virginia Ram Year: 2003 & 1989 D250 RWD Engine: Hemi-5.7, 5.9 12v & 24v diesel

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Diesel Tuning Boxes from DTUK Performance. Plug & play hybrid petrol car tuning box chip help improve your Torque and BHP by upto 40% & better fuel economy
Additionally, the Duramax Diesel 6600 was an instrumental contributor to the 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty Pick-Up Truck as it received the prestigious “2001 Truck of the Year Award” by Motor Trend Magazine. The Duramax Diesel 6600 continues to evolve, and, yes, each new iteration yields improvements in emissions, power, and torque. Show Customers Your Expertise. Join the more than 300,000 automotive professionals nationwide who have earned the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. ASE Certification Test Series

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ComfortPro® diesel auxiliary power units (APUs) from Carrier Transicold are the trucking industry’s all-around performance leaders. No other APU offers the combination of air conditioning, heating, cab power, engine warming, truck battery charging, optional shore power connectivity and a 2,000-hour maintenance service interval found in the ComfortPro diesel units.
If you are getting a check engine light or wrench symbol on your Ford Superduty with a 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel engine, use a code reader to pull the trouble code and look it up on this list to see what it is. Detroit offers a complete line of heavy-duty diesel engines, axles, transmissions, safety systems and connected vehicle services for the commercial transportation industry in both the on-highway and vocational markets.

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Diesel World is a trucks magazine that encompasses the entire diesel-powered market. Content is provided by seasoned automotive journalists who are hands-on diesel enthusiasts. Diesel World has been providing complete coverage of diesel-powered vehicles since 2007.
Our Diesel Repair platform runs on cutting-edge web technology, so you never have to worry about updates, compatibility, or any of that technical mess. Just open it up on your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet and it's right there for you, 24/7/365.

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Jun 04, 2019 · I have a 2007 isuzu npr hd (5.2) that throws P0087 and P2293 codes.truck fires up and runs fine at any speed, highway or around town, for 20 to 30 min, then goes into limp mode. pull over, shut off, starts right up with the check engine light on and may or may not do it again and sometimes the check engine light goes out.
I took my 99 7.3 in to get the engine codes read. The guy tried 2 different scanners. Each time he plugged in a scanner under the dash, the truck shut off. Turned key off, back on and started right away with scanner unplugged. Could not pull any codes.